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Preserved Palm Trees

Palms have been frozen by a modern system and their organic functions were terminated. Therefore our products are exactly the same as their originals in appearance and these plants do not require any light, water, disinfecting, pruning or any other maintenance and care.

These type of preserved plants are being used worldwide. The body section and the leaves of the trees are completely made of Palm Trees and Phoenix Trees. 1 meter of body section weighs approximately 7-10 kgs. A special disinfection and protection liquid is used against deformation.

Washingtonia Palm Trees and Phoenix Palm Trees can be produced from 2 meter to 18 meter in height, straight or curved. Mixture designs with 4 or 5 trees together are also available.The leaves can be mounted as phoenix or palm tree.

The Advantages of Preserved Palm Trees:
No extra cost no light needed
No pruning no water needed
No risk of disease no fertilizers needed
No disinfection needed no risk of deformation
No soil care, it is lightweight
Moved easily, assembled easily


Preserved leaves of the products is under guarantee for 4 years and the preserved body is under guarantee for 15 years.

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